Nepal has always being a heavenly paradise for trekkers through past decades. The reasons may be, natural beauty, Ethnic Diversity, hospitality and many more, but the fact is, Trekkers, want to explore a new world through inner eyes. As we know, Trekkers are always exploratory by nature and, always looking for new and unexplored places. So, people, ready for the next adventure. Mugu Karnali, Nepal.

‘Mugu gonna be one of your favorite choices.’

Here, is a short introduction;

Mugu District lies in Karnali province of Nepal, with 55,286 total population and amazing Natural beauty and landscape. It lies in the altitude of 6,717m and lowest elevation point is 1,201m. Here is the answer, why you should trek to Mugu, Karnali.

Make a list, Grab your Bags, hold your breath, its time to trek unexplored places of Himalayas, Mugu Karnali, Nepal.

Rara lake:

You can either take a flight from Nepalgunj to Talcha airport or take a flight from Surkhet airport to Talcha. You can take a jeep to Rara lake. Yes, you read it correctly. But it’s not a local thing so you might have to reserve it, either from Nepalgunj or Surkhet or Jumla. But the jeep does take you pretty close to the lake, you need to walk for just about 20/25 minutes and you’ll be at the lake. Trekkers must visit this lake. The lake exists in the middle of Rara national park at the altitude of 2990m. People can do recreational activities like boating, horse riding, camping, and sightseeing. Travelers may perform yoga and spiritual activities. The Best season is mars-may and September-December. Bring your hammock and get ready for chilling.

Ayurveda and Bio-diversity:

In the epic tale of Ramayana, Hanuman, a monkey god traveled to these great Himalayas for medicine to save Laxman from dying. The medicine name is Sanjevini. According to Ayurveda,  this type of flora and fauna still exists in the Himalayas. So far, a total of 807 algae,2025 fungi, 771 lichens, 1150 bryophytes, 534 pteridophytes, 6653 species of angiosperms have been reported by wildlife of Nepal. For the Biology students and the other travelers, Mugu is one of the best platforms to utilize their knowledge. Mugu can be taken as an open organic laboratory for the researchers. Medicine herbs like Yarshagumba and Pachaule found here. which are highly recommended in the international market.

The privilege of volunteering:

The region’s Human Poverty Index (HPI) for 2011 was the highest in the country at 44.6 and far behind the national average of 31.12. Humla and Mugu, two districts in Karnali, had the highest HPI values for the years 2001 and 2011. Moreover, indicators like mean years of schooling and per capita income show the poor condition of the entire region. Trekkers are highly recommended to volunteer in the local community, school and health sector, to understand, and observe the socio-economic condition of local people. These kinds of activities help people to connect one world to others.

Kayaking in Mugu Karnali:

For kayaking lovers, Mugu Karnali will be the best kayaking trail for them, if they wish. River with  Crystal clear water with deep blue color can attract any sportsman. For kayaking, The water streams of mugu Karnali will be the best to paddle for the kayakers. The renowned kayakers like Ali Marshall, Tom Brown and Pete Scutt have already experienced kayaking from 30 miles lower section of the Mugu from Gamgadi to the Humla confluence. Travelers have to trek up to Gamgadi where they can use potters and Donkey for the heavy materials like boats. In the middle of the way, they can experience the natural beauty and lots of ethnic diversity. So tourists are highly recommended for this type of activities.