Hello, there mate!! A foodie said to the set filled with some amazing cuisines because usually, they consider food as their best mates. They are always in search of a new one to their unlimited lists. Do you know how important is the person who refers to new places with finger licking food? No? Then you are probably not a foodie. But if you are, then this is the right place and you will get some new favorite members in your list for sure after going through the following content.

Several countries, several foods, and their own specialties. Talking about the Asian countries there are many as well. Let’s see what’s different about Nepal. Since it is well-known fact that Nepal is very diversified with rich culture, people and traditions. They have their own lifestyle, clothing, food etc. Some of the foods are so unique that it’s the best version can’t be found anywhere other than that particular place. Foodies visiting in Nepal can experience different tastes with changing landscapes.

Some of the foods they prefer while traveling is mentioned here:

Thakali Food Set

A different taste from western food is the main preferences of international tourists. And the typical food consumed by Nepalese throughout the country is dal-bhat-tarkari. Thakali food is just a rich version of it.

Usually, people change their veggies according to season and market availability on daily basis but thakali restaurants always serve the full thakali set whole year. This set is all about Basmati rice with warm lentil soup, spinach, and other veggies, meat(for non-veg), some salty, sour pickle, papad with salads. Dessert includes curd which completes a perfect meal.

Newari Khaja Set

Another Popular Cuisine set is Newari khaja set. As the name implies it is one among Newari culture. Those who like some spicy food are always welcome to try the Newari set. Samyabaji, chhoila, aalu-tama, Woh (bara also called Nepali pancake), chatamari (Newari pizza) are some of the ingredients in this set. Local alcohol, chhyang(Nepali beer), hookah are some of the options in any Newari restaurants.


Favorite fast food of Nepal is what it is called. Steamed or fried Chilly or open it comes with various shape, size, and taste. Those who are out of Nepal for their personal reasons misses mo: mo(dumplings) the most. Momos are made with veg or non-veg items covered in flour dough. These are pretty much popular among tourists as well. Mo: Mo centers are frequently available in major cities like Kathmandu, Pokhara etc.

Tsampa and butter tea

Tsampa is quite simple food for the trekkers and travelers who are going through Himalayan regions. Basically, it is the Tibetan cuisine and can be prepared very easily. They can be easily found in Langtang or Manang /Jomsom areas, therefore, people take it for energy content. Tsampa and butter tea is the favorite combo of Himalayan region people.


Another form of rice flour that is mostly eaten during winter days by an ethnic group called Rajbanshi. After the harvest season, people of eastern Terai get the fresh rice which is perfect to make this dish. Hence, Terai areas like Jhapa and Morang districts are the popular places to get Bhakka despite it is found in city areas of Kathmandu as well.

Chhurpi(Yak Cheese)

This item is mainly found in two textures; hard and soft. One of the traditional yak cheese that are the specialty of Himalayan regions because yaks are the domestic animals of high hills and mountains. Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet, Sikkim, Darjeeling are some of the places where chhurpi can be freely available.


Traditional alcoholic beverage/drink mostly used in the mountainous region. Limbu groups of eastern Nepal are the ethnic groups and they consider it as their culturally and traditionally important drink. They show their gratitude towards their guests by offering this drink. In addition to Darjeeling, Sikkim areas, Taplejung is the ultimate destination for the best tongba.

JuJu Dhau(King Yoghurt)

If someone is bored of trying the same taste of curd available in the market and want some change in it then JuJu dhau is the best choice. Mostly found in Bhaktapur Area of Nepal, this content tastes so better that for some people it is a mandatory dessert after every meal. Every feast and celebrations of Newari people include this King of yogurt and a visit to Bhaktapur of each tourist is not complete without trying out a sample of juju dhau.