Nepal is proud to be a multicultural hot pot. A secular nation with major religions being Hinduism and Buddhism, the richness of the culture cannot be defined in words and must be experienced through and through. This Nepali Cultural Dinner Show will give you a brief introduction to a typical Nepalese household. The dinner setting is in an old palace belonging to the royals, which has been restored to its former glory, with seating on the ground where delicious and mouthwatering food is served. This is a true Nepali experience, with freshly prepared cuisines dear to the locals.

This dinner also has a dance show, where you will see the traditional attire of the men and women as they move to the tunes of folk songs giving you a sense of the richness in the culture and art. There is little not to enjoy this if you are a person who revels in experiencing new culture and food this is a sure thing for you to do. Be prepared to get your mind blown with the fine example of Nepalese hospitality. If you like grooving and moving to the tunes of local folk songs please feel free to join in the dancers and lighten your mood. The Nepalese love all things food and dance, so enjoy the time you spend here. All in all, this show is a brilliant display of culture and food practices that are prevalent in the country.

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