One question for those who know about the Holi festival. What is Holi for you? What do you like most about the Holi? Do you enjoy Holi? Or do you participate in the Holi festival or just love to watch other playing Holi? Lots of questions arrived at the same time when this festival Holi, the colorful festival, the festival of victory came. As per I know not everyone loves this festival but most of the people enjoy the Holi festival.

The festival of color everywhere you will see smiling, laughing, enjoying faces which are covered by a different color. The color of love, peace, and trust over the faces from their loved ones. The color symbolizes happiness and trust.

The colorful festival which we wait for a year and finally it came and end with lots of colorful faces and happiness.

Holi with colorful faces

What to say about holi? Holi is the festival of victory where lord Bishnu killed demon Holika. Not just this but the famous myth is this. There are many meaning and reasons for celebrating this festival. Whatever the reason is the main thing is celebrating the Holi with smiling faces. The festival holi is incomplete without color and it’s meaningless too. Due to which during this festival you can see the colorful faces and if you get lost in the crowd then you hardly recognize your friends because of the colorful faces.

What is holi for you?

As we all know holi means color and we enjoy too. But there are some people who don’t play holi. Is it because you are allergic to the color or something else? Yes, it is true some people are allergic to the color because of the chemical mixed in it. But there are precisions of this allergy if you want to play. But some people don’t like holi have you ever thought about it?

For the color lover and fun lover – Holi is a colorful festival with a lot of happiness.

For allergic people – Holi is just a festival where people play color where some people enjoy watching them. 

Where for some people – Holi is enjoyment where you can put color on everyone and harass everyone because it’s holi. 

And for someone holi is a punishment where people will harass you by putting colors and touching here and there. It is just like abuse. 

Tell me what is holi for you? Holi is a beautiful festival which gives us a lot of happiness so why to ruin this beautiful festival by abusing other people.

Don’t want to take part in this?

It is OK if you don’t like to play holi. Take a break from this festival and visit other places or go hiking. Since its spring season, the wonderful time to get close to nature. We do have many packages for you as your wish list. Avoid the festival and go up the hill and enjoy your time with nature.

Message: Holi is a wonderful festival don’t make it worse so that people afraid to play this festival. Also, this is our festival why to involve animal and put color to them. We can remove our color buy washing but not them and color can be harmful to them they might be allergic to color. So this is the peaceful and happiest festival play with your loved ones and doesn’t force others who don’t want.

Be a sincere person and be a human.