About Us

Himalayan Summit Treks and Expedition believes in the model of doing business that not only inspires people but also empowers the community through the work of tourism. A simple sentiment that has extended to all areas in the business, Himalayan Summit Treks and Expedition uses its reach and expertise to educate people about tourism, its potential and set a new bar for such company in the industry. 

Started in 2016, the company is the result of Ms Shobha Khanal who with her brought in years of experience. In the field along with a passionate dedication to ensuring that the company offers the best of everything. The balanced view with which the company operates is evident in the win-win situation it presents to both the explorers  and the remote communities these adventures take place. With a genuine interest and action towards promoting Nepal in a way that is remembered by many, Himalayan Summit Treks and Expedition strives to reach Nepal in the international rankings of a destination that needs to be explored. This form of dedication has led to providing excellent service to its clientele.

Similarly, while much attention focuses on catering to the travellers, Himalayan Summit Treks and Expedition uses this same level of dedication to helping those that can be greatly influenced by the tourism industry. This means, allowing for regular income opportunities in remote areas for potential porters and guides, using a certain percentage of profit for social and community building activities. The company’s undying dedication towards all parties has led to great success rates, satisfaction both the tourists and the workforce end. With an objective of making sure the world knows about the amazing beauty of Nepal. The team of Himalayan Summit Treks and Expedition is working hard to ensure experience, certified and prepared workforce give you a memorable trip

Join us for community-driven tourism in the Himalayas.