Why Us

Experience staff for every adventure Be it our hands-on the management team and support staff that prepares you for the journey ahead, the professionalism and quick thinking of our field staff, we make sure that experience personnel’s are there to guide you every step of the way. When it comes to our field staff, they are certified guides with years of experience in handling all kinds of situations, which means that worry and anxiety about starting the new journey? You can leave that at home.

Safety is our top priority Experienced staff, trained and qualified trekking guides, always prepared for any scenario we ensure not to give in to sometimes challenging moments in the trails. Our certified equipment and guides will keep you company in this. We go to great lengths to ensure your safety and do it so by providing quality materials and staff.

Quick on our feet While the beauty of Nepal amazes one, it can also is known to a challenging exploration to embark, given the uncertainties that sometimes follow these paths, it is always good to be prepared. Apart from the formal training, our guides are also very good at handling emergency and disaster situation, their rational and quick think will help you navigate away from dangers. Additionally, they are always prepared with a contingency plan to aid your discoveries. All of our staff are also trained in first aid and are capable of handling health and weather conditions that may need quick attention.

Bountiful service Our services include Tour, Trekking, Peak Climbing, and Expedition, in amazing countries like Nepal, Bhutan, and Tibet. But, what extends further beyond that is our way of doing service, the hospitality, attention to special needs, companionship with a strong sense of professionalism, we make your service bountiful. Highly focused on the execution, our motto is to provide you with every slice of happiness an area has to offer, be it local culture, historical monuments or simply breathtaking views, we make sure you experience all of it in the best possible way.

A company by the people for the people Our social responsibility as the company is taken extremely seriously. Apart from a regular contribution of 10% from our profits each to the different underdeveloped community and in the field of education, health, reconstruction, and development, we also put special attention and care towards our work staff. Our employees are well taken care of, insured and regularly checked for their capabilities in order to keep them fit and safe in their adventure. We also provide job opportunities to the remote areas of the country by providing them a chance to train with us as porters and garner enough skills to later turn themselves into guides. A chain of change started by Himalayan Summit Treks and Expedition affects not only person but an entire community.