Bungee in Sindhupalchowk

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One needs to jump to find out how to unfold their wings as they fall. The risk of jumping off the cliff adds up extra thrill in the bungee jump. These thrilling moments in life will account for the unforgettable experience of the lifetime. The bungee jump is a perfect activity for people who seek adventure in a short period of time. This adventure involves jumping from a cliff while connected to the long elastic cord. Bungee jumps guarantee definite excitements and thrills.

Nepal is the ultimate destination for the bungee jump. The mountainous and hilly topography of the country has made Nepal a natural home for the bungee jumps. Nepal is the land of adventures featuring thrilling activities like bungee jump, paragliding, rafting, kayaking, zip lining, and many more. Among all of these adventures, bungee jump is an activity that takes a lot of guts. If one has the guts, s/he can have the experience of the lifetime at two places in Nepal. Sindhupalchowk and Pokhara are the bungee jumping sites available in Nepal. Unlike in other countries, bungee jump in Nepal offers the natural thrill of jumping off the cliff, rather than jumping from a building or tower. Here in Nepal, adventurist’s safety is never compromised at the bungee jumping sites. So, the adventurists can enjoy the excitements of their jump without any hesitations.

Himalayan Summit Treks and Expedition provides the best bungee jump experience in Nepal. We are the leading bungee jump organizer in the capital and provides an a-one service to our clients and bid on making their stay memorable. We also offer excellent transportation and accommodation facilities for our clients during their stay in Nepal.

Bungee in Sindhupalchowk

Bungee jump site in Sindhupalchowk is the first bungee jump site in Nepal. Located around the Tibetan border, the bungee jumping site is also known as The Last Resort. With just 3-hour drive from Kathmandu, bungee jump at The Last Resort attracts the attention of many tourists and Nepalese. The bungee jumping site comprises a 166-m wide steel suspension bridge over the Bhotekoshi River which was designed by experienced bungee consultant from New Zealand. The Last Resort also features other adventures like canyon swing, cannoning, high ropes, white water rafting, and tandem swing. One can only experience the ultimate thrill of the bungee jump in Nepal.



DAY 1 Arrival.
DAY 2 Drive to The Last Resort, Bungee Jump, return to Kathmandu.
DAY 3 Departure.

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